Regional Heat

In Bucharest there will be one (1) municipal heat for the 12-15 age group and the 16-20 age group. Please visit the section Bucharest  for information regarding the competition in Bucharest.

The theme for 2018 is “The best way to predict the future is to invent it”.


Regional Heats 2018

  1. South East – Constanța, Brăila, Galați, Călărași

Date: February 23, 13:00, Mircea cel Bătrân National College, Constanța

Contact information: Florina Niculescu, 

Resullts regional heat Constanta

2. Center – Sibiu, Mureș, Alba, Covasna

Date: February 26, 13:00, Gh. Lazăr National College, Sibiu

Contact information: Corina Pavelescu,

Results regional heat Sibiu

3. North East – Bacău, Neamț, Iasi

Date: February 24, 9:00, Gh. Vrânceanu National College

Contact information: Oana Bucur,

Results regional heat Bacau

4. North West – Cluj, Sălăj

Contact information: Cristina Rusu,

Results regional heat Cluj

5. South West – Dolj, Gorj

Date: February 20, 12:00, Colegiul National “Fratii Buzesti”, Craiova, 

Contact information: Corina Vasile,

Results regional heat Dolj

6. South – Arges, Prahova, Teleorman, Dambovita, Ialomita

Date: February 27, Colegiul National “Alexandru Odobescu”, Pitesti

Contact information: Roxana Dumitrascu,

Results regional heat Pitesti

7. North West – Arad, Timis

Date: February 24, 10:30, Colegiul National Banatean, Timisoara

Contact information: Ramona Faur,

Results regional heat Timisoara


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