County Heat

In Bucharest there will be one (1) municipal heat for the 12-15 age group and the 16-20 age group. Please visit the section Bucharest  for information regarding the competition in Bucharest.

The theme for this year’s edition is  Peace is not an absence of war“.

Registrations for the competition take place between November 14 – December 2, 2016 In order to register for the competition, the students aged between 12 and 20 will have to fill in a form. Please visit our registration page to fill in the form.

County heats should take place between January 17-22. Dates may vary but all local organisers must send prior to the county heat information regarding the date, time and place of the local heat. The organisers have to send the results to until January 30.

All results for the County heats will be posted in this section as soon as they are sent by local organisers.
Please contact us at if you require further information.

The 2017 Revised Handbook can be found here.

If you are an organizer of the competition please visit our page Info for Organizers in order to find out all the details you need.

If you have any questions regarding the competition please contact us at

CityCountySchoolDateHourAge GroupResults
AradAradColegiul National “Elena Ghiba Birta” Arad20.01.201714.0012-15, 16-20

   Results Arad 16-20

Results 12-15 Arad

Tg.MureșMureșLiceul Teoretic Bolyai Farkas Tg.Mureș3.02.201710.0012-15, 16-20Results Mures
TimișoaraTimișCOLEGIUL NAȚIONAL BĂNĂȚEAN20.01.2017 12-15, 16-20

 Results Timis 12-15

Results Timis 16-20 (1)

SloboziaIalomițaLiceul Pedagogic Matei Basarab22.01.201712.0012-15, 16-20

 Results-sheet- Ialomita_2017

Results-sheet_Ialomita2017( 12-15 ani)

Piatra-NeamțNeamțColegiul Național „Calistrat Hogaș” Piatra-Neamț20.01.201713.0012-15, 16-20
 Results NEAMT
OradeaBihorLiceul Greco-Catolic Oradea18.01.201713.0012-15, 16-20

 Results-sheet_2016 age group 16-20 Oradea

Results-sheet_2016 age group 12-15 Oradea

BacăuBacăuScoala Gimnaziala “Mihai Dragan” Bacău21.01.2017 9.0012-15 
BacăuBacău Colegiul Economic ”Ion Ghica” Bacau20.01.201714.0016-20Results-sheet_2016_Bacau_16-20
Ocna MureșAlbaLiceul Teoretic”Petru Maior” Ocna Mureș20.01.201713.0012-15, 16-20


Results-sheet_2016 Ocna Mures

Results-sheet_2016 Ocna Mures 12-15

ConstantaConstantaCNMB, sala Coriolan20.01.20179.0012-15, 16-20


Rezultate Public Speaking_Judet_2017_Grupa 12-15

Rezultate_Public Speaking_Judet 2017_Grupa 16-20

Iasi Iasi Scoala Paradis21.01.20179.0012-15, 16-20Results Iasi
PITEȘTIARGESColegiul Național ALEXANDRU ODOBESCU DIN PITEȘTI23.01.20179.3012-15, 16-20

 Results Arges 12-15

Results Arges 16-20

Sf. GheorgheCovasnaColegiul National “Mihai Viteazul” Sf. Gheorghe27.01.201711.0012-15, 16-20 Results county Covasna
TargovisteDambovitaColegiul National “Ienachita Vacarescu”, Targoviste4.02.2017  Results Targoviste
Cluj NapocaClujEmil Racovita National College25.01.2017  Results Cluj
ZalauSalajSilvania National College25.01.201714.30 

Results Salaj 16-20y

Results Salaj 12-15

PloiestiPrahovaColegiul National I.L Caragiale Ploiesti19.01.201710.30 

Results Prahova 12-15

Results Prahova16-20

National “Gh M.Murgoci”

Results Braila

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