The English-Speaking Union – Romania is a prestigious Romanian NGO and an active member of the international ESU family. The measure of the prestige of our organisation is given by the fact that our Honorary Chairman is the President of Romania – which is no small success in a traditionally francophone country.

Most importantly we are a membership organisation. The support of our members, financial and physical, is vital to our work in developing international understanding and friendship and helping people become more effective communicators.

The members of our organisation are happy to take part in the opportunities we offer them. Numerous English teachers and students are our most active members, creating themselves opportunities and events for all of us to share. We consider this a profitable experience for all those involved as we can all learn from one another – teachers, students or other professionals.

We think that ESU Romania, has entered a new stage of its activity and development. We continue to promote our permanent goals of strengthening international friendship, understanding and cooperation, through the use of the English language at the same time promoting our Romanian cultural and specific spiritual values, but we also try new approaches and developments.

Here are some of the most common benefits our members feel they have from having joined our branch:

  • it is the local representative of a prestige organisation that has branches in over 30 countries all over the world
  • it offers opportunities for meeting people from various professions and exchanging information and ideas through the medium of the English language
  • it facilitates meeting native speakers of English who visit ESU-Romania
  • it helps establishing personal contacts with ESU members all over the world
  • it gives you an opportunity to benefit from invitations to international ESU events such as the World Members’ Conference, held every four years. In 2012 the conference was held in in Turkey.

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